Chinese Reading Excerpt




The temperature inside the human body is called body temperature. Maintaining a constant body temperature is necessary in ensuring conditions for normal metabolism and life activities. Body temperature is not fixed and can fluctuate with factors such as gender, age, movement and mood changes, but this change is often within a normal range.

When in a healthy state, such as with normal diet and proper clothing, the body temperature is usually relatively constant, maintaining a 37 ℃ (roughly between 36.2 ℃ ~ 37.2 ℃), and not does not change much even with changes in ambient temperature. Normal body temperature averages between 36 ~ 37 ℃ (armpit).

In normal physiological state, when the body temperature increases, the body reduces heat production and increases heat dissipation to keep the body temperature relatively constant; on the other hand, when the body temperature drops, the heat production is increased and heat dissipation is reduced, so that the body temperature is maintained at normal levels. The normal body temperature standard is based on the measurements of most people, and is not the absolute measurement of each individual.