Chinese Humor

一个姑娘上了高铁,见自己的座位上坐着一个男士。她核对自己的票后,客气的说,“先生您坐错位置了?” 男士拿出票嚷嚷着,“你看清楚 这是我的座,你瞎了?” 女孩看着男士愤怒的样子,不再做声,就站在一旁。

过了一会儿,高铁启程了,一位售票员慢慢地过来检擦每个乘客的票。售票员仔细看了男士的票,就道,“先生,您不因该坐在这里。” 男士又发怒对着售票员说他没有看错自己的座位号,售票员回答,“先生,您没有坐错位,但您坐错车了。”

A girl boarded a high-speed rail and saw a man sitting in her assigned seat. After she checked her ticket, she politely said, "Sir, are you sitting in the wrong seat?" The man took out his ticket and angrily shouted, "You can see that this is my seat, are you blind?" The girl saw that the man was angry, so she didn't say anything and stood on the side.

After a while, the high-speed rail started to move, a conductor slowly came over to check every passenger's ticket. The conductor looked carefully at the man's ticket and said, "Sir, you are not supposed to be sitting here." The man angrily told the conductor that he did not get his own seat number wrong, to which the conductor replied, "Sir, you are not in the wrong seat, but you are in a wrong car."